About us:

We manufacture plastic bottles. directly to manufacturers of drinking water We manufacture PET ขวดพลาสติก in a range of sizes to directly service drinking water plants and agents at wholesale costs. Our PET ขวดพลาสติก is a uniform, sanitary, and secure, with factory-direct quality assurance. produced using cutting-edge, spotless, secure, and sophisticated machinery. PET preform tubes from SMC are simple to blow, practical to use, and—most importantly—cheap. can lower production costs and raise global standards.

Incorporated is Phatrakon Plastic Co. We are a direct distributor of all plastics and packaging-related machinery. You can trust in the quality as a result plus our service.

What is a plastic bottle:

A tall plastic container used for packing is known as a ขวดพลาสติกใส. Since it is less resistant to breakage and loss of freshness than conventional packaging, it is frequently used to store a variety of goods and liquids such as drinking water, soft drinks, oils, juices, etc. usage owing to its portability and small weight. It is also common to reuse something several times before throwing it away or destroying it. As a result, it may also be used to lessen environmental waste. Bottles constructed of clear or translucent colored plastic are known as ขวดพลาสติกใส. which inside the bottle is clearly visible Also, it is frequently used to package goods like drinking water, juice, perfume, etc. that want customers to see how transparent they are.

Clear plastic bottles can withstand sunlight as well. It is a suitable option for packaging items that require cleanliness and clarity for showing products and simple storage, and different chemicals better than conventional packaging such as ขวดพลาสติกใส. It may be used just as easily as regular plastic bottles. and may be repeatedly used before being discarded. As a result, it may also be used to lessen environmental waste.