What is means to be the best:

When you view any kind of sports channel and watch a football game you will find that every football player in the field is unique and has a unique level of skill that you won’t find anywhere else or in any other player when you look at the world's best players only 10 football players come to mind and most of them are incredibly fast and have incredible footwork compared to any other football player and although this might seem like an unfair advantage but a football player is really good at adapting to situations mostly because they have trained almost all their lives for this and the best of all a football player hates losing so no matter what happens they will finds a way to win and nobody does this better then Maradona.


The 1986 World Cup, which was virtually exclusively held for him, was the World Cup's greatest accomplishment. He used his own power to help Argentina win the World Cup, which was an amazing display of individual bravery! That has significantly raised Argentines' morale. No one in Argentina can tell you who the president is, but everyone is familiar with Maradona! Bailey represents the first generation of the king, while Maradona represents the second. Maradona's voice is louder among the crowd than Bailey's! When you look at all the possibilities of great players then none can be better than Maradona his ability to adapt to any football player was amazing when he entered the field he knew that he could win his movement off the ball was just as important as he was on the ball and he made sure that he would score every time he got the ball when you see any football player you will notice that they put all their practice towards dribbling and shooting and that is important because a football player such as Maradona has to cut between the defenses and score.